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Lumber Wizard 5 Woodworking Metal Detector With Laser Line Indicator

Lumber Wizard 5 Woodworking Metal Detector With Laser Line Indicator

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The Lumber Wizard 5 woodworking metal detector with laser is a wand type metal detector that is designed to alert woodworkers whenever a metal object such as a nail, pin, bolt, wire, staples, etc. are buried inside wood lumber. By sounding an immediate alert, the user is able to quickly locate then retrieve the metal object so as to prevent injury or tool damage. A laser line indicator illuminates when detection events occur, thereby allowing user to easily see where metal is buried. Regular use of the device will help to reduce damages of tools and injuries. 

New for 2019.... The Lumber Wizard 5 Laser Line is the latest version of Wizard Industries' flagship woodworking metal detector. A powerful precision  hand-held metal detector with automatic tuning and a laser indicator designed specifically for woodworkers, It helps detect small metal objects hidden inside new or used lumber.

The new version features easier one-handed use, with automatic calibration every time the unit is turned on, and better false-positive rejection. Undetected nails, screws or other metal fragments can damage expensive jointer, planer and saw blades. Flying metal can also cause serious injury. Easy to use, the Lumber Wizard 5 helps woodworkers prevent equipment damage and personal injury. 

The Lumber Wizard has received rave reviews for almost two decades from woodworkers and magazines across the country, and the new 5 version is even better!

Automatic Tuning each time detector is turned on. 
Laser Line Indicator Projects Red Line onto scanned surface when metal is found. 
Helps pinpoint nails, screws, bullets and wire inside new or used lumber.
Helps prevent costly blade damage and shop down time
Quickly scan any size wood.
Not affected by moisture content of wood.
6" wide scanning area.
Durable, sturdy plastic casing.
One 9 volt battery required.
1 year warranty.

A new fully charged 9-Volt battery commonly for days of daily constant use.

Indications of a low 9-volt battery voltage are inconsistent detection or flashing alternating LED's.

Always Use A New 9-Volt Battery. A fresh fully charged battery provides the most detection strength and uses time. A partially charged battery can cause false readings, less detection depth, and inconsistent laser.

A fresh, fully charged 9-volt battery provides more than ample use time.

A low battery can cost you blades, material, and lost time......

Length, 15"; width, 3-1/8"; height 1-1/8"; weight, 13 oz.

Detects nails, screws, wire, bullets, and other metal objects inside recycled wood

Quick, one-handed operation

6"-wide scanning area for faster scans

A Powerful Metal Detector Designed Specifically For Wood Workers! The New LUMBER WIZARD 5 Auto-Tuning Laser Line Woodworking Metal Detector is the latest version of Wizard Industries' flagship woodworking metal detector.


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