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Lumber Wizard 5 Shop and Woodworking Metal Detector With Laser Line Indicator

Lumber Wizard 5 Shop and Woodworking Metal Detector With Laser Line Indicator

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LUMBER WIZARD 5: The Ultimate Woodworking Metal Detector with Laser Indicator

Introducing the Lumber Wizard 5, Wizard Industries' premier wand-type metal detector, perfected for the discerning woodworker. This device is adept at detecting concealed metal items like nails, pins, bolts, wires, and staples within wooden lumber. On identifying a metal object, it sounds an alert, coupled with a laser line indicator, pinpointing the exact location. This enables swift retrieval of the metal, safeguarding both the user and woodworking tools from potential harm.

Key Features:

  • Latest Release: The 2019 Lumber Wizard 5 Laser Line is the newest iteration of our acclaimed woodworking metal detector series.
  • Precision & Power: Specifically engineered for woodworkers, it can uncover even minute metal contaminants in both fresh and reclaimed wood.
  • User-Friendly Design: Enhanced for one-handed operation, it auto-calibrates upon activation and boasts improved false-positive mitigation.
  • Safety First: The device's vigilance prevents potential injuries and the wear and tear of expensive blades from undetected metal objects.
  • Broad Scan Area: Its 6" wide scanning area expedites the detection process.
  • Resilience: Its performance remains unaffected by the moisture content in wood. Encased in a robust plastic shell for durability.
  • Battery: Operates on a single 9-volt battery. Notably, a fully charged battery can last several days under regular use. However, for optimal performance, always use a new, fully charged battery. A dwindling battery might lead to inconsistencies and false readings.
  • Specifications: 15" in length, 3-1/8" in width, 1-1/8" in height, and weighs 13 oz.
  • Warranty: Comes with a 1-year warranty.

Over the past two decades, the Lumber Wizard series has garnered widespread praise from both individual woodworkers and renowned industry publications. And with the introduction of the Lumber Wizard 5, we've raised the bar even higher!

Remember, a low battery isn't just a minor inconvenience—it can result in damaged blades, wasted materials, and lost hours. Equip your Lumber Wizard 5 with a fresh 9-volt battery and ensure maximum detection strength and consistent performance.

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