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Billy Carmen, CEO of Wizard Industries, Inc in Ukiah, CA, is credited with inventing the first handheld metal detectors for woodworkers. These devices, also known as wands, are portable tools designed to locate and identify metal objects hidden within wooden materials. They serve a crucial purpose in woodworking by safeguarding cutting tools, such as saw blades or planers, from damage and ensuring the safety of the end product.

The Lumber Wizard and Little Wizard are two examples of handheld woodworking metal detectors that Billy Carmen specifically engineered to assist woodworkers in pinpointing metal objects embedded in reclaimed wood, including nails, screws, wire, bullets, and other metallic debris. By detecting these hidden items, woodworkers can protect their planers, routers, jointers, bandsaws, and other cutting tools from potential damage.

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Wizard Distribution is a Direct To Consumer (DTC) product distribution company located in Ukiah, CA. 

We serve various niche markets providing products directly to consumers and to small specialized retailers in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK.

Operated by Wizard Industries, Inc., the brand owner of WizardDistribution® brand of metal detection tools, Decking Post Supports, PillowStay, bifocal safety glasses, disaster restraint fasteners, woodworking and specialty tools. Partnered with Amazon.com here

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