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Little Wizard II Woodworking Metal Detector Nail Finder

Little Wizard II Woodworking Metal Detector Nail Finder

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The Little Wizard was developed by @BillyCarmen in 1999 and remains the only hand-held metal detector designed specifically for woodworkers.

Like any specialized tool, the Little Wizard requires proper tuning and understanding of its use. While it's named "Wizard," it's not magic! It's a genuine metal detector that performs excellently when used as directed. Therefore, please take the time to read and comprehend the instructions. We are always here to assist you if needed.

Here are some suggestions for learning to use the Little Wizard, simply insert a fresh, high-quality 9-volt battery (Duracell recommended). Turn on the unit, tune it, and familiarize yourself with its detection capabilities using bare metals by hand. This will help you understand the detection depths and variations of the best detection angles. When detecting metal inside of wood scan the wood in a crosshatch pattern, ensuring you check both directions and scan between cuts. The Little Wizard is a popular choice among woodworkers for its compact size, unique detection strength, and adjustable sensitivity. 

For optimal detection, use a NEW 9-volt battery with at least 8.6 volts. We recommend Duracell batteries (but not the lithium variety). Avoid simply grabbing a random battery from your drawer. To achieve the best metal detection results, equip your device with a brand-new, full-strength Duracell (non-lithium) battery. Remember, a fresh battery is essential for efficient metal detection!

The Little Wizard is a precision handheld metal detector tailored for woodworkers. It's ideal for scanning recycled wood for hidden screws and nails before activities like planing, routing, sanding, or sawing. It not only indicates the presence of metal buried inside reclaimed wood through a high-pitched beep tone and an array of LED lights but can also pinpoint its exact location. With the Little Wizard, there's no need for guesswork, extensive physical probing, or unnecessary visual searching.

Woodworkers worldwide trust and use the Little Wizard.

This tool can help protect your steel woodworking blades and knives. Its compact size, combined with its exceptional detection capability, allows users to swiftly identify harmful nails, screws, and other metals embedded within wood. Additionally, its adjustable sensitivity ensures pinpoint accuracy. When the Little Wizard detects metal, it alerts the user by emitting a high-pitched beep and lighting up a series of LEDs.

In summary, there's simply no better economical and portable metal detector on the market.

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